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Brandi Homan



In Flaming Hillbilly Color


Men with southern accents make me want
to be a military wife. All that rough-necking.
Maybe it's the good food and bad blood,
Janey knocking your friend Chet's tooth
to the ground before pressing her lips to his,
a strawberry soothing with female mouth
taste. You said I was stronger than you
and for a minute I believed. You promised
me screaming hairy armadillo babies,
a quartet with a banjo. Don't you know
we're already on screen? Look at all this
fatback light. Look at all these broken knees.
I am auditioning for the role of Woman
Whose Husband Will Take Too Much
From Me. I am auditioning for the role of.
If you still love me, Motherfucker,
honk like your life depends on it.


Brandi Homan responds to art, economics, and Country Music not paying her for her poems.