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Jennifer H. Fortin


from We Lack in Equipment & Control

Pull a tax maneuver to gain commodity, ask your representative about new deductions

Recurred frost phenomenon

Not every horse's head winds a towel, you twistneck, obtuse angle the yield

of fragile rein compression

Extract the sap using similar slight compression, we'll turn 90 degrees minimum

& test for matching type

Anger over aid mounts

There is a February foal turning into me, feed

my nails to the barn dogs or any dog who wants 'em

That's nail clippings, feed my nail clippings

Don't measure me to withers—my head, periscopic hindrance, counts

We'll take president holiday no matter our politics, no matter our Olympics

My class in the faraway place was confused by this business

of whether or not the animal sees its shadow,

& kind of enchanted, o human relevance, you vessel



Jennifer H. Fortin responds to art, economics, and Country Music not paying her for her poems.