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Nate Pritts





how to leave      all this           unbearably
            in grey morning         no frost      no snow      no slush
these are things                 you can't have for yourself anymore
you can't have              things you love anymore

echoes & empty buildings                  saginaw spring sunlight
& the road      & the road to nowhere
four more beers                   the drive through the dark
there is this rush                               apart

directions           in reverse            guide us          back
into the failing the light isn't light
I'm not really feeling            these feelings             anymore
                     ask me ask me ask me

           compression              of the pulsing   in my chest
like something is wrong         like
there is this elegy                  all kinds of weeping
      held back                   hold          steady

             I feel better right now than this      really
I feel      better right now                        than I've ever felt           today
they'll think this is romantic      this       restoration
          this renaissance                                    this new life

if it's not love then
                                        it's this bond that will bring us together

               my words          your words                         & my brother further west
the trees                so sure of the spring



Nate Pritts responds to art, economics, and Country Music not paying him for his poems .