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 Issue 7 | experimental rural/suburban experiment | January, 2015


New Poems by


Ashleigh Lambert
Dustin Luke Nelson
Eileen R. Tabios
Nathan Hauke
Ryan Bender-Murphy
Mark Cunningham
Kylan Rice
Maria Flaccavento
Michael Joseph Walsh
Mark Young
Eric Hoffman
Jessie Janeshek
Lucy Tiven
Sean Patrick Hill




Issue 6 | Test Patterns | November, 2013




Issue 5 | January, 2013


*Note: Country Music has severed all ties with industrially produced corn.


New Poems by

Matthew Cooperman
Ryan Ridge
Jordan Stempleman
Sarah Certa
Adrian Kien
Leora Fridman
Patrick Culliton
Will Burke
Andrew K. Peterson
Nicole Wilson
Haley Larson
Mark Young

[Enter the Rat Disco Floor]

[cover image from Willow Road Farm]


All Fours | June, 2012

issue 4 all fours.jpg

New Poems by

Jennifer MacKenzie

Felino A. Soriano
Brian Foley
Billy Cancel
Kyle McCord
Chris Toll
Matt McBride
John McKernan
Michael Sikkema
A.T. Grant
Sarah Suzor
Mark Dow
Travis Macdonald
Wendy Xu
Nick Sturm
Anthony Opal

Issue 3 | December, 2011




Extra: Small Press Book Fair: Best Poetry Books of 2011






Issue 2  |  The Cost of Black Magic  |  June, 2011



Dan Chelotti
Sally Molini
Jennifer H. Fortin
Nate Pritts
Angela Veronica Wong
Alen Hamza
Donald Illich
Jon Thrower
Ron Riekki
Matt Ryan
Tyler Gobble
Peter Jay Shippy
Brandi Homan
Rob MacDonald
Rich Murphy
Kyle Thompson
Katie Condon
Andrew Morgan
Philip Byron Oakes
Francis Raven
Michael Schiavo

 vince poetry m. final.jpg


World Music: 


Extra: Contributors respond to not getting paid for their poems. 



Country Music | Issue 1 | December, 2010

big idea jar.jpg


   New Poems by

   Clay Matthews
   Lucy Biederman
   Matt Hart
   Samuel Day Wharton
   Peter Davis
   Amber Nelson
   Jim Goar
   Jackie Clark




peterpieces.jpg   Special Feature: The Country Music Love and Loss Collective
   Karena Youtz

   Scott Abels
   J. Reuben Appelman
   Adrian Kien


The Darkness and the Popcorn: A Correspondence with Denis Johnson