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First, this big list of new books by Country Music authors:


Joshua Ware.  Homage to Homage to Homage to Creeley. (winner of the 2010 Furniture Press Poetry Prize)
Adrian Kien.  The Caress is a Letter of Instruction. (forthcoming)
J. Reuben Appelman.  Hollywood Blood. (available on Kindle)
Peter Davis.  Tina. (Bloof Books, forthcoming)
Tyler McMahon.  How the Mistakes Were Made. (St. Martins)
Angela Veronica Wong & Steven Karl. Don't Try This On Your Piano or am i still standing here with my hair down. (Lame House Press, forthcoming)
Karena Youtz. The Transfer Tree. (1913 Press, forthcoming)
Scott Abels.  Rambo Goes to Idaho. (BlazeVOX [books])
Nate Pritts.  Sweet Nothing. (Lowbrow Press)
Jim Goar.  The Louisiana Purchase. (Rose Metal Press)
Matt Hart. Light-Headed. (BlazeVOX [books])
Jennifer Fortin.  Mined Muzzle Velocity. (Lowbrow Press)
Amber Nelson.  Diary of When Being With Friends is Like Watching TV.
(Slash Pine Press)
Jackie Clark. I Live Here Now. (Lame House Press, forthcoming)

Michael Schiavo. Ranges I.   (H_NGM_N BKS)
Emily Kendal Frey. The Grief Performance.
(Cleveland State University)
Lucy Biederman. The Other World. (Dancing Girl Press, forthcoming)

A big congratulations to everyone! 




Best Poetry Books of 2011


Joel Chace's picks:


Leslie Scalapino. How Phenomena Appear To Unfold. (Litmus Press) 
Rae Armantrout. Money Shot. (Wesleyan University Press)


Wish list:

John Taggart. Is Music:  New and Selected Poems. 

Melissa DeGezelle's picks:


Pattie McCarthy.  L&O. (Little Red Leaves) Fucking amazing.

Noah Falck's picks:


Zack Savich.  Events Film Cannot Withstand. (Rescue Press
Matthew Henrikson. Ordinary Sun. (Black Ocean)
Emily Kendal Frey. The Grief Performance. (Cleveland State University Press)


Wish list: 

The forthcoming book by Michael Teig There is a Box in the Garage You Can Beat with a Stick. (Boa Editions, 2014)

Brent House's picks:

Brian Barker. The Black Ocean. (Southern Illinois University Press)
Matthew Henriksen. Ordinary Sun. (Black Ocean)
Amber Nelson. Diary of When Being With Friends is Like Watching TV. (Slash Pine Press)
Alison Pelegrin. Hurricane Party. (University of Akron Press)

Wish list:

Red Holler: An Anthology of Contemporary Appalachian Literature by John Branscum and Wayne Thomas, eds. (Sarabande Books)
Love and the Eye: Poems by Laura Newbern (Kore Press)

40 Watts by C. D. Wright (Octopus Books)

Brad Liening's picks:


Adam Fell. I Am Not a Pioneer. (H_NGM_N BKS)

Matthew Guenette American Busboy. (University of Akron) 
Mark Leidner.  Beauty Was the Case That They Gave Me. (Factory Hollow)


Wish list:

I wish I'd written the above books.

Gina Myers' picks:


 Laura Solomon. The Hermit. (Ugly Duckling Presse)
Amber Nelson. Diary of When Being With Friends is Watching TV. (Slash Pine)
Anne Boyer. My Common Heart. (Spooky Girlfriend Press)
Wish list:
The Collected Writings of Joe Brainard (forthcoming in 2012)
A full length collection by Arlo Quint
A full length collection by Hazel McClure

New Joe Ceravolo

Steven D. Schroeder's picks:


Sarah Goldstein. Fables. (Tarpaulin Sky Press)
Dora Malech. Say So. (Cleveland State University)
Kevin Prufer. In a Beautiful Country. (Four Way Books)

Wish list:

Slow Lightning by Eduardo C. Corral
Balloon Pop Outlaw Black by Patricia Lockwood
I Am a Very Productive Entrepreneur by Mathias Svalina  

Joshua Ware's picks:


Jeff Alessandrelli. Erik Satie Watusies His Way Into Sound. (Ravenna Press) 
Jorge Carrera Andrade. Micrograms. (Wave Books)
Brooklyn Copeland. Laked, Fielded, Blanked. (alice blue books)
Rebecca Farivar. Correct Animal. (Octopus Books)
Alan Gilbert. Late in the Antenna Fields. (Futurepoem)
M.C. Hyland. Neveragainland. (Low Brow Press)
Farid Matuk. This Isa Nice Neighborhood. (Letter Machine Editions)


Wish list:

Everything, really, but somethings more than others.