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Jennifer MacKenzie



Isabella in the Tower of Winds


This is about drowning

I'm awake.
I count that.

My sister comments
on my military coats

Chaleco Salvavidas

People look at me
as weirdo with notebook

Do not hold doors
Do not lean on door

I write: Will anyone
ever kiss my scar?

I grow warm with hate
for the electric Santas

Use Cable For Flotation

I think it's quizzical
(my scar) being not
perfectly straight

No loitering, soliciting, or

a sketch of hills?

hiding the exact pursed
color of angry worms

but I'm not sure

Gray wool across my shoulders.


Dollar Tree Fish House
Red Ruby LAW

a cervix doesn't make me
"a creature of foam"
or a high bristling ivory
collar painted in oils

ma gazzel ma gazzel
Rent A Jalopy
Mr. Junk

seen from above
beasts of burden
broadcast live

Azzo's Collision
Leo's Jewelry

I imagine uttering:
Cicatrix and straddle

scrolling through
the musical selection

red carpet and cute
little Christmas bells

Roar of engines
eclipsing lust
theorizing narratives

within the narrow
mirrored closet of
the airplane "loo"

I imagine whispering:
dripping with gems

Altitude Above Sea Level

sniffing rain-rank gray wool:

What if I had a glass clitoris?



Thank you for flying Isabella
to the horizontal green line

push flap
to grasp                          plush
the wild blue yonder        height

every night for snowplow operations
sure you swipe               The most

glittering rival                  Littoral
securely                          fastened

I should say, our             famous



Imagined grasshoppers beget anxiety
This month we look at the underlying

Night of travel writing: Like
everyone else I

& surely "Duty Free"
a certain ring to

a woman kneeling
on the cover

in loose blue blowing-
open armholes

Drubbed cotton
Beaten cotton
Pummeled, or what

is the word for
the more threads per
the more expensive

So sad he said he wanted
to go back inside his dad's balls