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Becca Jensen

Revisit Thus the Glimpses of the Moon

We learn that James takes a walk during which he is transformed by the beauty of a violet. The experience transports himself outside himself—what most associate with the experience called love, but what the Greeks more accurately understood as ecstasy and translated as such:


James as walking.

A violet and he sees himself as if words on a page.

Night pursues in thickets of interpretation.

Dawn explains herself.

The violet as an idea makes a case for creating Mr. G.

A complaint is heard about over complication.

The pattern that moves around the above should be understood as Either/Or, e.g. either there is dawn or dawn explaining—though in all likelihood the answer will be a combination thereof, which, in gratitude, you will walk toward.

Meanwhile, though at least sixteen years later, the daughter will try to make sense of it all by pretending she is a sailor. Occasionally she goes on land and buys a banana, though mostly, she talks to her shadow, the collector. She even interviews him for her radio show. He is very insightful, callers say. See for yourself: