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Jordan Stempleman

from The Resurfacing of Edgar Rice Burroughs

Utan says we are now, as he calls it, in a long distance relationship.
I hear from the elders that he nightly goes to parties
aroused by the ladders they attract. Sleeping on laid out
ladders on the dusty hillside, waking up carved into the hillside
by wind and dust, his expression on the verge of hopeless.
I am angered at the price of Helium.
It is gorgeous, and I am difficult to say.
There’s one other girl in this world, and she is on a bench,
next to me, as I’m saying all this.
There’s something like a tree that’s now growing in the center
of the basketball court. It is on fire and then it is not.
The searchlight goes from us to it.
Whatever happens tomorrow is difficult to say.