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Leora Fridman


I am! I am jumping for the axe.
I am building the very skills I need
to tremble. When a different person
delivers the pizza it is the television
I blame. One final decision must be made
before an accident can track me down.
What is: the sea entire? What is:
this was easily shaped. Formal wisdom
would say the carving was done by
the strongest of us, but more of us
have arms than just two, more of us
while whittling are tense, seeing thriftily
the pile we will be expected to use.
Another multiple choice to defeat.
When imagining multiples uses
for one selection, my hands do not
prove of use. What is: the trial
of an itemized accident. In gathering
large pieces I find more popular
spots. I find more people can see
me when I drag. The path everyone
else makes to winning is the path
my sonar would choose, but
I chose years ago to hear chopping
as a choice. Split in two,
my sailboat touches many.
When we drive ourselves
to cities to win things, I drag
my sailboat along.