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Michael Sikkema



Penned In Perennial



anyone acrobatic enough

in the social box


to an engine faking

the wind

we all owe ourselves money

we're on both ends of the pitchfork

each morning every street

we all noticed the sky at once


anyone nerved through

the roots and science animals

we all gotta pull

living through the archives

anyone sewn up

around the instrument

with cash oracles

come on ride this train


a weaponized walk likely

leaves the rest of us

in storm leaves and rain light

in sniper light

in some orange panic dress

in whiskey nice and power out

in a full service gestation


anyone with a bicycle chandelier

with a yowl harness

anyone becoming

other words

epic time is insect noise

anyone ogling the turnstiles

with a holster otherwise decorative


we're all the blood trail

anyone banking on the muscle car

in a helmet and baton formation

we wanted to be the bees up above

the army ants up above the ground

hornets the ones with leathery

air around ourselves


anyone stitched up by stories

anyone adjusting their web cam with their feet

we all fake it til the chorus

we all read each other's masks