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Sarah Certa


This morning I wore heels to the grocery store,
which I mention only because it’s something
I’ve always been too nervous
to do, the way I really wanted to start this poem
with the word BOOM and a glass of vodka, jet
black eyeliner and all the lycra mini skirts
I like to try on but never buy, the glitter
I’ve been thinking about whenever
I think about touching your hair and dancing
in your living room, where the heather
evening of a December city filters
through the windows like the smoke
of all the joints I’ve never lit, all the drugs
I’ve never done because that also
makes me nervous, like public
transportation, driving in reverse, wearing jewelry, answering
the door/phone, walking into a room, and everything
about shrimp. I’d skydive a hundred times
before getting a flu shot
or pregnant again. I’d skydive
forever if it meant something
to you, if it meant that mountains
meant it when they touched the sky, that the sky

really meant to be so blue.