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Steven D. Schroeder

Nobody with a Good Car

Arrives late for a party or turns down
Bootlegger reverses to elude the Federales,

Inverts Pergo for pergola or burns the host
Of code phrases learned from the German gentleman.

Answer The covenants state that white is not an earthtone
With Butterfly knife is no kind of lifestyle.

This is an escargot fork—left tine goes in light sockets,
Right in a henchman's eyeball. Unseen, a ninja
Can punch through your ribcage and show you

Ninety-nine ways to fill a cheese-platter
If you fail to explain or raise his latest credit score.

For safety's sake, maybe we could take separate cars,
You the Honda and I the Hyundai.

Note: I stole the title from Wise Blood by Flannery O'Connor


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