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Will Burke

mi blanket was a lick and pusher
the saturated sky.  hilt a foul try
chewy was stoned wanted meat
pancakes and trident juice.  the fin
ger tried to colan me.  can u believe.
wheat as danger but it's true.

unordered in basra.  97 dead
as the taste of bread.  my lord.
longs to behave but right try.
is a bonnet.  lord.  cold meats.
want. spoons and forks.  trim.
an unkidded curly fuck me.

spake a number often.  here
chesty commixed.  a man.  to
sleep.  withal.  a shy.  piss.
on the shoulders.  my dumby.
leaps.  take a lame lion.  in
the shit pink hole.  mr. pylon.