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Karena Youtz

from The Transfer Tree


By Accident Tracking Him Where He Went


Following the paralegal's vanish I stop


without manifest quiet and wide    Full of 

/images flash to life/ a continuum does not dream or

decide. The extra that awaits

before signs occur is us

No auteur to hew appearance, just

a shared quality at

/begin to exist/      Search     How might I cross here?


/Begin/ back behind the signs not in a glyphed cave---

I need to paint a cave---signlessness

not at all space or color    Points of attention

vanish into attention

canceling perception    The book proffered with

no object does not persist    Backwards

through my forehead he speaks past a /place/ where

timeless signs have yet to shift

to his priority

Much deeper in ether the place

does not contrast

Every connection he gaps

as meaning

but the place of /yet to/ does not.

On the other side someone might request a sign

but from him none exist

the tree

the field

the snake

sphere him,      me 

native actions   deep law

gravity impersonal

in constancy's similitude

or fact of love from

infra-red A to ultra-violet Z,

a spectral alphabet

impossible on his page of the absences

whose signs are never transitive