Making Money with Your Music in the UK

Music is your passion but making it big is not always easy. Remember, there are hundreds of artists like you—all trying to make it in the music industry and it’s going to be a very tough old game to crack. Sometimes, until you make it to the big leagues, you have to be content with doing a lot of hard work to try and get your music out there. It’s possible to make money with your music in the UK and the following are a few tips that might help you today.

Create a Video Blog of Your Music

Vlogging is certainly very popular today with more people posting video blogs than ever before and if you’re a musician trying to make it big, why not start your own little video blog? You can easily post music videos of your past gigs or recordings and you never know it might help get the word out. If someone sees your video blog, they might want you to play a gig and that will help you to make a little more money. What’s more, the blog itself can help you earn so there is potentially a nice little earner if you think about it. Your music can earn you good cash.

Making Money with Your Music in the UK

Post You Singing on YouTube

There have been quite a few names in recent years, posting a short two minute video on YouTube and getting noticed, this might be one way to help you. Now, there are no guarantees you’ll get spotted but if people like your song, they may return and the more visitors you get, the potential there is to make money. If you earn above so many views on YouTube, you can make money so that’s a great way to earn more from your music. Of course, getting your video seen is going to be tough as there are so many new videos being posted daily but it’s worth a shot if you aren’t camera shy.

Use Social Networking

Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or any other social networking site, you could potentially use it as a platform to get the word out about your music. You can post updates about potential gigs and help bring you together with others who want to pay you to play at your event. Using social networking sites to your advantage can be so useful and it’s something a lot of newcomers don’t think about doing. If you can post updates about your music and even link back some posts to your blog or video online, it might help you earn more. It’s worth a shot if you’re interested in making money.

Earning Real Money Takes Time

For some, they can become an overnight sensation on YouTube and earn a record deal or find their video of them performing goes viral and earn quite a bit but it’s not for everyone. There are going to be many who find that while they try all these things, they just don’t make money. It’s tough but it’s really down to how well you market your brand and how people like your music. It might be that you earn quite a lot with your music so that it becomes your full-time pay or just a part-time earner.