One Stop Licensing: Making Money with Music Licensing

You have a love of music but getting your big break is not always as simple. There are hundreds of rappers, singers, and talented stars out there, all like you, all trying to be established and for some; it takes considerably longer than for others. Sometimes, it’s down to the people you know and other times, its one lucky break to make you a real star. Independent artists and those without record labels or record deals can always struggle but you can still make money with music licensing.

You’re giving a License for Your Work to Be Used

A lot of artists believe, if they allow permission for someone to use their copyrighted material it means they no longer own the music; however, that’s not entirely true. Anyone who has copyrighted their music owns the music no matter what. However, a musician may allow someone to use their work for commercials, films, and other broadcasting pieces as long as they pay them for using. Surprisingly, a lot of production companies buy copyrighted pieces as it can allow them to save money than have to get their own team of musicians in and record background music and pieces. Remember, you can make revenue from your music pieces as long as it’s registered as your own personal work.

One Stop Licensing: Making Money with Music Licensing

Look to Music Licensing Companies

If you are serious about making money from music licensing, you need to find a music licensing company. These companies bring together those who wish to get their work out there and those who need the music. What happens is that if a film or TV production company require certain pieces of music for their set, they will go to the music licensing company, tell them what is needed and they will act as the middlemen in bringing the two parties together. It’s as simple as that and revenue can be made from this type of work. It’s not something most musicians have heard of and yet it can be a really good way to showcase your work to a wider audience.

Is It Possible to Make Money from Music Licensing?

Depending on the amount of music you have available and what people are looking for, it is very much possible to make money from music licensing. However, you have to understand that while it’s possible to earn money, there are no guarantees. It might be that you’re lucky enough to have hundreds interested and get repeat customers time and time again, but you might be one of the ones who get little interest. It’s going to come down to what people want and what people think it best for their productions.

Your Big Break May Be Waiting for You

Yes, it’s tough to make it in the music industry, but not impossible. There are lots of ways to make it from selling your copyrighted work via music licensing to having regular gigs that pay you very well. It’s the same for actors and actresses; they can have steady work in theatres or on television or they may have to fall back on a second career until the next paying gig comes along. However, your potential big break is out there and if you have interesting music pieces, anything is possible.